Ambient Digital
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» Sontec MES-482 D7 Eight Band Parametric Mastering Equilizer
» SPL PQ 120v High Gain Parametric Equalizer • Mastering Edition
» Manley Massive Passive Pultec-style Tube Equalizer
» Dangerous BAX EQ Mastering EQ
» t.c. electronic Mastering 6000


» Cranesong STC-8/M Discrete Class A Compressor/Limiter (mastering version)
» Weiss DS1-MkII Compressor / Limiter / De-Esser
» t.c. electronic Mastering 6000 v.3.6 (MD4, MD5.1, Brickwall Limiter2)


» Crane Song HEDD 192  Harmonic Processor / Converter
» Sonic Studio NoNoise II® Noise Reduction / DeClick / DeCrackle
» iZotope RX Advanced – DeNoise / Spectral Repair / High Resolution SRC
» Weiss Saracon  64 bit precision Sample Rate Converter
» Dangerous Music Master Insert Switcher / M/S Processor

A/D/A Conversion:

» Lavry Gold DA924 High Resolution Digital to Analog Converter
» Sonic Studio 304 Analog and Digital Interface
» Forssell MADA-2a 2 Channel 192k Mastering Converter
» Lavry Gold DA924 High Resolution D/A


» EgglestonWorks Andra II Reference Monitors
» Dangerous Music Monitor Monitor Controller
» McIntosh MC252 250W Stereo Amplifier
» Dangerous Music MQ Analog VU & Digital Peak/RMS meter
» Mogami (Analog), Apogee, Monster (Digital) interconnects
» JPS Labs Speaker cabling

Digital Audio Workstations:

» digidesign ProTools HD|Accel digital audio workstation
» Sonic Studio soundBlade – CD / DDP authoring with:
» NoNoise II® Noise Reduction and Click Removal
» Sonic EQ 64 bit High Resolution EQ and Filters

Misc / Playback / Transfer:

» Z-Systems 16 x 16 Digital Router
» Tascam DA-45HR 24bit DAT Machine
» Denon DN-790R 3 Head Professional Cassette Deck – Dolby “B, C, & S” NR
» Technics SL-1200MK5 Turntable
» Bryston Phono Preamp


Lavry Engineering    

Featuring world class mastering equipment, Ambient Digital uses the best of both analog and high end digital allowing the right tools to be available when needed.

When looking for a mastering studio you can trust, you need to know they have the right tools – but the right equipment is useless in inexperienced hands. Ambient Digital has been fortunate enough to master thousands of albums for an extremely diverse array of clients.

Ambient Digital focuses on maintaining the highest quality throughout all aspects of the processing & monitoring chain.